What We Are



folkLAB produces series of performance art pieces which hope to create an artistic community network dedicated to fair representation, compensation and access in the performing arts. folkLAB's current series "in Our Voice" and "miniMythologies" foster the creation of brand new performance work that aims to create a new, decolonized American folklore and mythology through performance in the voices of the oppressed.

folkLAB thrives by prioritizing, uniting and resourcing underrepresented artists, who share oppressed public identities or shared experiences, with the common goal of devising new, world-premiere performance pieces in intensive, short incubation periods. As part of their work, artists of multiple disciplines and skill levels are encouraged to rely on resource and skill sharing in an interdisciplinary approach to performance making. The performance making process is focused on what unites us as humans, as artists, as a community. The results are performance art pieces that provoke our cultural expectations and perceptions of identity and story-telling.

folkLAB’s commitment to its artistic partners and peers is reflected in its promise to profit share with its participating artists on each and every project, because we believe that fair compensation is the key to a healthy, well-resourced, Pittsburgh arts community.